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Frequently Asked Questions About Oro Laminado and Gold Plated - Milanus Jewelry Oro Laminado Gold Filled Style Wholesale

Frequently Asked Questions About Oro Laminado and Gold Plated

Milanus Gold Filled Style Jewelry Wholesale & Milanus Oro Laminado Por Mayoreo

How do I place an order?

To place an order of Milanus Jewelry in Gold Plated, Gold Layered, Oro Laminado or Minimalist Jewelry, just select the product of your choice as listed in our website. Prepare your order using the shopping cart, or send it to your assigned sales representative and/or to 


Can I call Milanus Jewelry and speak to a Sales Representative?

We welcome our clients to talk to us and place orders by phone too!
Contact Phone: 1-305-545-9778 or Toll Free at 1-888-529-0607.
Hours of Operation: Monday ‚Äď Friday (9:00am ‚Äď 5:30pm) EST.


How long will it take Milanus Jewelry to ship my order?

Once your order has been submitted, Milanus will prepare within 1 business day, and ship it as soon as the payment is received.


What is Milanus Jewelry Minimum Order - MOQ?

The minimum purchase price in a single order is $200.00 USD. Milanus Minimalist Gold Layered will only process orders of that minimum value or more. Please remember Milanus Jewelry is a wholesale Market Place.

Which methods of payment does Milanus Jewelry accept?

  1. Credit Card Payment - Visa, Master Card, American Express.
  2. Western Union and or Money Gram.
  3. Paypal
  4. Zelle 
  5. Wire transfers, for which we will provide our banking  information.


Which shipping companies does Milanus Jewelry use?

Milanus Gold Layered only uses the most trusted shipping companies, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, courier companies, and domestic postal services.

May I return or exchange unsold products to Milanus Jewelry ?

Milanus Gold Layered is a Wholesale Company and it does not accept returns or exchanges. Sales are final, no Refunds are issued under any circumstance for any dispute. If any dispute arises, Milanus does not cover any costs of return shipping. Our customers have 7 days after receipt of the goods to inspect them and make any claims, after which time all claims are forfeited. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipment costs vary according to the price of your order, the size of the package, and the shipping destination. A more precise estimate will be available once your order has been prepared.

Does Milanus Jewelry ship anywhere in the world?

Milanus Gold Layered specializes in international business, such that we will ship to any country, except those subject to USA sanctions.

Does Milanus Jewelry also ship within the USA?

Yes. The USA is our¬†main market ‚Äď Milanus Gold Layered operates from the USA.

If I am importing your products, who will pay the import fees?

In order for you to receive your shipment, you assume responsibility for the payment of any tariffs or import fees.

Who is responsible for bringing the merchandise through customs?

The shipping company will be responsible for bringing any orders through customs, but you are ultimately responsible for the payment of any tariffs or import fees

Will I receive 100% of my order?

We always strive to fill 100% of every order that we receive. However, because we deal in a great variety and quantity of designs and models, there will be occasions when we will be unable to fill an entire order. Milanus Gold Layered works very hard so we can at least provide between 70% and 80% of any order in a worst case scenario. In such circumstances, your assigned sales representative will contact you in order to arrange a solution to suit your needs.


How often does Milanus introduce new models or product designs?

We are proud to say that only Milanus Gold Layered adds new jewelry in a daily basis and brings you 300+ new models or product designs every week.

Does Milanus Jewelry use distributors?

No, at Milanus Gold Layered does not use distributors of its products. You can buy directly from Milanus Gold Layered. We also guarantee the quality of our products.

Can I visit your offices to make a direct purchase with Milanus Jewelry?

Yes! It is our pleasure to serve our customers face-to-face. Our offices and show room are located at:
Milanus Gold Filled Style - Oro Laminado
651 NW 124th St.
Miami, FL 33168
United States

Can Milanus Jewelry give me a wholesaler discount for buying in large volume? 

Milanus Gold Layered welcomes large buyers and wholesale accounts. We offer special discounts for purchases in large volumes. Please ask your sales representative for more details.


Can I obtain a Refund or Cancel an order after it is confirmed? 

Please keep it in mind that Milanus Gold Layered is a wholesaler and it will ship all your confirmed orders, but it does not issue any refunds.


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