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Milanus Jewelry

Milanus Jewelry Who We are.

Milanus Jewelry, Who We Are.

Company Overview

Milanus Gold Layered is a family owned and operated multinational business. Our family is proudly passing down this business for generations. It began to operate in the U.S.A in 1992 and over the last 30 years has become the source of the best Gold Layered Jewelry to many Wholesalers and Retailers in the U.S.A, South America, Central America, Europe, and most recently in Africa too.

The cooperation between Milanus' Gold Layered factory, distribution center and customers has ensured high quality products and competitive prices. We always offer our customers the best possible options so that they grow with us. You are also welcome to our Milanus Gold Layered family!



Jewelry Quality

Our Unique selection of Gold Layered jewelry is made with 8 layers of finishing in 18Kt Gold. Each item is manufactured to the highest quality specifications and made to exceed the expectations of our customers. A quality control team randomly selects items for quality control inspections to ensure that the quality of our product is maintained throughout all jewelry. Our designer is always on the top of the trend to bring you quality but also dainty jewelry with minimalist jewelry trends, also many styles that are hot in that moment.



Distribution Center

All jewelry products are manufactured Worldwide by Milanus Gold Layered and they are distributed from the United States distribution Center. While we have many customers that are local or regional wholesalers, all distribution is consolidated from our main location in Miami-FL. It ensures best customer service, best logistic, quick delivery and best control.


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