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20 Religious CZ Bracelets, Gaudalupe, San Judas, San Benito ($5.00 eac - Milanus Jewelry Oro Laminado Gold Filled Style Wholesale
$399.00 USD -75%
$100.00 USD

20 Religious CZ Bracelets, Gaudalupe, San Judas, San Benito ($5.00 each) for $100 Gold Layered


Discover the perfect religious jewelry for your customers with Wholesale Milanus Jewelry! Our selection of 20 CZ bracelets featuring Gaudalupe, San Judas, and San Benito are available for only $100. Get them for just $5.00 each and enjoy the beauty of Gold Filled jewelry!!


Descubra la joyería religiosa perfecta para sus clientes con Joyería al Por Mayor Milanus. Nuestra selección de 20 pulseras con CZ con Gaudalupe, San Judas y San Benito están disponibles por sólo $100. ¡Consígalas por sólo $5.00 cada una y disfrute la belleza de la joyería de Oro Laminado!


-Perfect for starting Business

-Great to Refill your Store or Showcase

-Save time and let us select Assorted Best-Sellers for you

*Assorted Styles will be sent similar to those in the image, not always the same.

*Sales of Kits are final. Return of kit or any individual item is not accepted. 



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